My Story

Ever since I witnessed my first Magic Show while in kindergarten, my fascination with Magic Never left my thoughts!  I can still recall what happened that day as if it were yesterday, and that day occurred 46 yrs. ago.  Here's a quick story I routinely relate to those who attend my shows.  "A magician appeared at our school performing all sorts of amazing tricks.  He made animals appear and disappear.  He performed animations, levitations, and suspensions.  Disections, mutilations and decapitations, but the one thing I remember to this day is what he did with a piece of rope".  I then go into the Cut & Restored Rope Trick, and after I restore the rope I continue telling the story, "and when the magician restored the rope, he tossed it into the audience and into my hands and ever since I've felt, "magical", and that my friends is the first trick I ever remember seeing"!

Customer Raves:

KALITA'S performance at the annual Leprechaun Hunt made the event truly, "Magical", and KALITA will make a return appearance next year!....................Kathleen Kelly, event coordinator.

KALITA put on an Excellent show for our annual HannaFest!  The kids loved his stories and interactive Magic!  The adults were laughing & smiling too!  We've already booked KALITA next year's HannaFest!.................Jim Jessup, event coordinator.

The Miracle of Magic is quite evident while watching KALITA perform his amazing magic and escape stunts!  He has performed his family style magic show for the past 13 yrs. to benefit the needed children and families of LaPorte Co.  We will continue to use his talents next year at our annual event!.............LaPorte Co. Sheriff's department.

A Fantastic Family Show that All ages enjoyed.  KALITA will appear at the Mint Fest, again this year!  North Judson, IN .......Paige Barnett, V.P. Entertainment Committee